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DevOps on AWS Interview Questions - Part 5

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Q41) What is the relation between Hudson and Jenkins?

Hudson was the earlier name of current Jenkins. After some issue faced, the project name was changed from Hudson to Jenkins.

Q42) What are the advantages of Jenkins?

Advantage of using Jenkins

• Bug tracking is easy at early stage in development environment.

• Provides a very large numbers of plugin support.

• Iterative improvement to the code, code is basically divided into small sprints.

• Build failures are cached at integration stage.

• For each code commit changes an automatic build report notification get generated.

• To notify developers about build report success or failure, it can be integrated with LDAP mail server.

• Achieves continuous integration agile development and test-driven development environment.

• With simple steps, maven release project can also be automated.

Q43) Which SCM tools does Jenkins supports?

Source code management tools supported by Jenkins are below:

• AccuRev


• Subversion

• Git

• Mercurial

• Perforce

• Clearcase


Q44) What is Ansible?

Ansible is a software configuration management tool to deploy an application using ssh without any downtime. It is also used for management and configuration of software applications. Ansible is developed in Python language.

Q45) How can your setup Jenkins jobs?

Steps to set up Jenkins job as follows:

Select new item from the menu.

After that enter a name for the job (it can be anything) and select free-style job.

Then click OK to create new job in Jenkins dashboard.

The next page enables you to configure your job, and it’s done.

Q46) What is your daily activities in your current role?

• Working on JIRA Tickets

• Builds and Deployments

• Resolving issues when builds and deployments fails by coordinating and collaborating with the

dev team

• Infrastructure maintenance

• Monitoring health of applications

Q47) What are the challenges you faced in recent times?

I need to implement trending technologies like Docker to automate the configuration management activities in my project by showing POC.

Q48) What are the build and deployment failures you got and how you resolved those?

I use to get most of the time out of memory issue. So I fixed this issue by restarting the server which is not best practice. I did the permanent fix by increase the Perm Gen Space and Heap Space.

Q49) I want a file that consists of last 10 lines of the some other file?

Tail -10 filename >filename

Q50) How to check the exit status of the commands?

echo $?


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