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DEVOPS ON AWS Interview Questions - 8

Q71) I want to delete 10 days older log files. How can I?

There is a command in unix to achieve this task find <directory_path> -mtime +10 -name “*.log” -exec rm -f {} \; 2>/dev/null

What is the difference among chef, puppet and ansible?

Q72) How you get the Inventory variables defined for the host?

We need to use the following command

Ansible – m debug- a “var=hostvars[‘hostname’]” localhost(

Q73) How you will take backup for Jenkins?

Copy JENKINS_HOME directory and “jobs” directory to replicate it in another server

Q74) How to deploy docker container to aws?

Amazon provides the service called Amazon Elastic Container Service; By using this creating and configuring the task definition and services we will launch the applications.

Q75) I want to change the default port number of apache tomcat. How?

Go to the tomcat folder and navigate to the conf folder there you will find a server.xml file. You can change connector port tag as you want.

Q76) In how many ways you can install the Jenkins?

We can install Jenkins in 3 Ways

• By downloading Jenkins archive file

• By running as a service Java –jar Jenkins.war

• By deploying Jenkins.war to the webapps folder in tomcat.

Q77) How you will run Jenkins job from command line?

We have a Jenkins CLI from there we need to use the curl command curl -X POST -u YOUR_USER:YOUR_USER_PASSWORD http://YOUR_JENKINS_URL/job/YOUR_JOB/build

Q78) How you will do tagging in git?

We have following command to create tags in git

Git tag v0.1

Q79) How can you connect a container to a network when it starts?

We need to use a following command docker run -itd –network=multi-host-network busybox

Q80) How you will do code commit and code deploy in cloud?

• Create a deployment environment

• Get a copy of the sample code

• Create your pipeline

• Activate your pipeline

• Commit a change and update the App.


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