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Neat Computer Desk

Want Career in Cloud ?

With little to no IT background

your Search stops here

Devops Course On AWS

Project Based Learning

    50 Hours of learning  = 5 Yrs exp
Live Classes
Interview Grooming

We Make you Ready for a Job


Information Technology

Experience New Way of Learning!

Image by KOBU Agency
Understand the Project
1. Decide your IT Career.
2. Create your CV with us.
3. Get Mentor-ship according to your CV.
4. Mentor will explain you your Roles and Responsibilities.
5. Draw a Project Architecture Diagram.

Group project conversation
Understand the Tools to Complete Project
  1.  Attend Live Sessions.
  2.  Learn Latest Tools in details with our   Real Time guided Documentations /   SOP.
  3.  Implement Minor Projects to   understand the Tools
  4.  Use this knowledge in your final   major project.
Image by Agefis
Implement the Project
1. Now you have all the tools knowledge with respect to Project Diagram.
2. Integrate all these Tools to implement  Real Time Major Projects.
3.  Get groomed by Recruiters from top MNCs.
4. Prepare with Mock Interviews.
5. Job Assistance.
6. Congratulations!! You are Job Ready.
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